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New in WebCal

Last week

  • Added South Africa and South African holidays (calendar in South Africa calendar pages)
  • Fixed a minor problem where the generic flag would not be shown in the website when the user had selected only a language from the menu, not a country. For example, "English (international)". This had no effect on the content, only the flag image.

This month

  • Updated the home arena of each NHL, NFL and NBA team. I didn't realize they change names so often.
  • Fixed problem where sunrise&sunset times would not appear in the calendar when the calendar subscription had been made in the international page (for example, Internatonal English instead of US English).
  • Fixed the order of items in the language menu. Now the internatonal versions are listed last (as they had been earlier). This issue was related with the previous one.

Web calendars

  • content for your calendar
  • updates automatically
  • calendars are always up-to-date
  • for almost any calendar application
  • contains links to event descriptions
  • customizable content
  • free of charge
  • easy to use


Sun (Ashburn, United States)

  • sunrise 7:24 AM (+1 min)
  • sunset 4:52 PM (±0 min)
  • day length 9 hours 28 minutes (±0 min)

Weather (Ashburn, United States)

  • Clear
  • +29 ... +44 °F
  • 4 mph North-northwest (348°)

Good to know

  • Winter solstice
    The winter solstice is the time at which the sun is at its southernmost point in the sky (northernmost point in the Southern Hemisphere) appearing at noon at its lowest altitude above the horizon.

Funny holidays

Awareness days

  • Forefather's Day
  • Global Orgasm Day
    Global Orgasm, also known as GORG, was an action originally scheduled for 22 December 2006 to coincide with the end of solstice. The idea was for participants throughout the world to have an orgasm during this one day while thinking about peace in order to emit positive energy to Earth.

Christian holidays

Pagan holidays

  • Yule
    - Alban Arthan
    - Cuidle
    - Gŵyl Galan Gaeaf (Welsh)
    - Midwinter
    - Mothers Night
    - Winter Rite
    - Yule