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New in WebCal


  • Added a calendar containing important dates for Finnish taxpayers.

This month

  • I've been looking for a reliable way to calculate Moon rise and set times. But that does require knowledge of the user's location, and this in turn would require most users to update their subscriptions for it to work. However, once the new site is ready, there will be some new events in the Moon calendar.
  • The Moon calendar is currently the most popular calendar with about 80,000 users (including all available languages). The Sun calendar is second with 65,000 subscibers. Next come Week numbers (both US and EU) and Weather.
  • I've been working on a full rewrite of all WebCal.fi code. The workload is absolutely huge and will take months to finish. However, it is proceeding well. I'll report to you once there is something to show. But as I have my real work to do as well, this will have to be done in my spare time. At least until WebCal.fi starts generating money :-)
  • If your IOS device shows alarms for WebCal.fi events, they're added by your device, not by WebCal. Check your settings at Settings app > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Scroll almost all the way down for Default Alert Times an open it > Make sure default alarm time for All-Day Events (and possibly Events, especially if you use Sun or Moon calendar) is set to None. Contact me if you have problems.
  • The database behind WebCal.fi gets 550 queries per second (on average).
  • WebCal.fi usage continues its long upward trend. Currently almost 3 million calendar downloads are served each day (over 30 each second). Out of these, about 750,000 are unique (regenerated at request time). The rest are fetched from cache. The server can handle this load, but its limits are approaching again.
  • Fixed a couple minor issues with calendar file validity. I don't know of any client having any problems because of these minor issues. Now all calendars validate 100% with all known validators.

Web calendars

  • content for your calendar
  • updates automatically
  • calendars are always up-to-date
  • for almost any calendar application
  • contains links to event descriptions
  • customizable content
  • free of charge
  • easy to use


Sun (Woodbridge, United States)

  • sunrise 07:24 (+1 min)
  • sunset 17:57 (-1 min)
  • day length 10 hours 33 minutes (-2 min)

Weather (Woodbridge, United States)

  • Clear
  • +6 ... +15 °C
  • 10 mph Northwest (314°)

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